Innovating Home Based Caregiving

Caring for elders at home takes effort, courage and creativity. This video  gives a brief overview on the collective effort of caregiving and the simplicity of innovating exercises with every day furniture and modern technology.

My maternal grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.  A standalone difficult news but coupled with multiple health and physical conditions such as asthma, depression, two total knee replacement surgeries and a posterior spinal instrumentation surgery, makes the new diagnosis all the more worrisome.

I was fortunate to have two grandfathers and a maternal grandmother at birth. Even more blessed because all, doted on me.

My maternal grandmother looked after me since my birth till I was schooling in primary school. Naturally, I am very close to her and because of the extended time we spent together, I even picked up dialects from our years of communications.

My maternal grandfather passed away shortly after my birth due to pancreatic cancer and my paternal grandfather passed away when I was in primary four due to liver failure. Sometimes, I wish I could have a few more years with them.

Quality time can be in the form of simple companionship or an activity done together. Exercising with my grandma was our way of spending quality time. Not only does it help my grandma lose weight but also create more memories for both of us.

Watching her smile and laugh while we improvise or try new things, the serious look when she focuses on getting a new skill or activity right, is worth much more than just studying about dementia and hoping for a medical cure.

After all, it is about the little moments we have with them and how we can help them find a purpose in their lives and that of ours too.

I love my grandparents, my grandma and I believe we all do too.

Watch video on Caring for Elders at Home here.


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